Frequently asked questions:

Q. What driver was the SAW118 designed around?

A. This cabinet uses the Peavey Low Rider 18" subwoofer which is rated at 800 watts RMS. It actually uses similar volume and vents as Peavey's 7.0 CU FT Medium cabinet.

Q. So why would I buy these plans?

A. These plans have all the math worked out for the correct volume and vents and take into account the volume of the driver, handles, internal braces.

Q. What's up with all the handles?

A. Have you ever had a gig at a sub-optimal venue where you have to shove a sub under a table or in some less than perfect location and really needed a handle on front or sides to help move it? That's why! These handles are all built into the cabinet structure and are actually integrated into the internal bracing making for a very rigid cabinet.

Q. How much plywood is required?

A. The cut sheet included in the plans uses a single 4'x8'sheet of 3/4" plywood. It also requires a small amount of 1/2" for the vents and handle pocket boxes. The dimensions are also optimized for a 5'x5' sheet of plywood but it requires about 1 and a 1/3 sheets of 5'x5'.

Q. Can I build the cabinet myself?

Yes, if you have decent woodworking skills. Unlike the LA112 and LA206, this cabinet can actually be built without a tablesaw. However, a 10" tablesaw will make cutting out the parts much easier.

Q. Where can I get the plans?

A. Please see the Plans page