Frequently asked questions:

Q. How does the LA215 compare to the LA206 and the LA112?

A. It's the BIG DOG of these line array cabinets. Much larger and heavier for larger venues. When you need to cover a larger area at higher volumes, the LA215 is the way to go if you can handle the size and weight.

Q. What are the pole mounting options

A. A single LA215 cabinet can be pole mounted on a set of 2 SAW 118 subwoofer cabinets using two poles as shown in on the photo page. The T-hat mounts on the LA215 are 24" apart and designed to align with the 24" width of the SAW 118 subwoofer cabinets. However, any subwoofers should work that can be placed with their T-hat mounts 24" apart.

Q. What are other mounting options

A. Ground stacking with the interlocking feet for stability. Also, the LA215 is 48" wide with is aligned with 2 SAW118 subwoofers which are 24" wide.

Q. Can these cabinets be hung

A. There is not currently an option to provide any hanging rigging for these cabinets. Nothing is physically keeping them from being hung but one would have to design and fabricate a hanging rigging that would be safe and secure and is usually beyond the scope of most home cabinet builders.

Q. What do you mean by "Open" design?

A. Most Line Array designs use proprietary, custom built components which can greatly raise the cost and be very expensive to repair as you are stuck buying their replacement components. In fact, it is common practice in many industries to change a part just so they can charge more for parts and repairs even though a stock part would have been just fine. Without an engineering degree and lots of research, one is stuck buying the original part at an inflated price. If you have ever had to replace a motor controller board on your home air conditioner or a heater for your spa you will know what I mean.

The LA215 uses parts that anyone can readily buy from Parts Express or USpeaker and we provide the part numbers and replacement options.

Q. How many LA215 cabinets can I run with a single amp?

A. The LA215 is a 3 way active design and requires 3 amplifier channgels and an active crossover and is dependent on how the drivers are wired and their impedence. The stock plans wire the two 15" 8 ohm woofers in parallel putting them at a 4 ohm load. So if two cabinets were stacked and ran with a single amplifier, it would be a 2 ohm load. The 6.5" MF drivers are each 8 ohms and wired in a series parallel combinations for an overall 8 ohm load. The two HF 8 ohm compression drivers are wired in parallel for a 4 ohm load. If one were to stack cabinets the HF drivers could be rewired in series putting each cabinet at a 16 ohm load for the HF and would be 8 ohms when stack. There are many options for wiring and configuing the cabinets

Q. Can I build the cabinets myself?

Yes, if you have decent skills in woodworking with access to a 10" table saw and other standard woodworking tools you can purchase plans.

Q. Where can I get the plans?

A. Please see the Plans page