Frequently asked questions:

Q. What do you mean that the LA112a is "scalable"?

A. The LA112 can be scaled down to only single cabinet on a pole over a subwoofer for small rooms all the way up to multiple cabinets locked together and flown in a hanging "J" line array configuration. Often a band will need as assortment of speakers to cover everything from coffee shops to larger outdoor venues. You will see someone dragging in a large, dual 15" main into a small room which is too much speaker or someone using a couple of small mains in an outdoor location - both not a good fit. With the LA112, you can stack as many or as few as the situation requires and as your budget can afford.

Q. What do you mean by "Open" design?

A. Most Line Array designs use proprietary, custom built components which can greatly raise the cost and be very expensive to repair as you are stuck buying their replacement components. In fact, it is common practice in many industries to change a part just so they can charge more for parts and repairs even though a stock part would have been just fine. Without an engineering degree and lots of research, one is stuck buying the original part at an inflated price. If you have ever had to replace a motor controller board on your home air conditioner or a heater for your spa you will know what I mean.

The LA112 uses parts that anyone can readily buy from Parts Express or USpeaker and we provide the part numbers and replacement options.

Q. What kind of covering is on the enclosure?

A. Sprayed on Urethane truck bed liner. It's cost effective and very durable.

Q. The LA112a, at 40 lbs with the rigging, is about 10 lbs less than the competition for a similar 1x12 enclosure. What is different?

A. Two things, we use a neodymium 12" driver which saves about 5-8 lbs as well as building the enclosure out of 13 mm Baltic birch plywood which provides a weight savings while still providing all the acoustical stiffness required for a main running above 94-100 which is a typical cut off frequency where the sub takes over. Additionally, the enclosure is internally braced for increased stiffness. Full range speakers and sub woofers would benefit from using the thicker and heavier 18 mm plywood but for mid/bass and higher frequency applications the only thing that is going to notice the difference is your back as you are lifting these into position.

Q. Is the rigging included with the LA112a?

A. Yes, the rigging hardware that interlocks the enclosures together is included. Depending on the configuration, you will also need to purchase either the fly bar for hanging an array or the ground stack stand for ground stacking, setting on a subwoofer, or putting on a pole.

Q. How many LA112a cabinets can I run with a single amp?

A. Each cabinet is 8 ohms so 2-3 depending on the wattage of the amp. 2 per amp channel is 4 ohms and 3 per amp channel is approximately 2.6 ohms.

Q. Can I build the cabinets myself?

Yes, if you have decent skills in woodworking with access to a 10" table saw and other standard woodworking tools you can purchase plans.

Q. Can I build the metal rigging myself?

A. Yes, if you have decent metal working skills and access to a metal shop.

Q. Can I build the wood cabinet and purchase the metal rigging separately?

A. Yes, the metal rigging can be purchased separately.

Q. Where can I get the plans?

A. Please see the Plans page

Q. How does the LA112 compare to similar commercial speakers?

A. The chart below compares the LA112 with a few other 2 way 12" line array cabinets. Of course the specifications of an LA112 that you build yourself will vary based upon the drivers that are installed. The numbers shown use the stock drivers that the LA112 was originally designed for: Eminence DeltaLite II 2512 and PSD2002. Optionally, there is a dual 1" driver option for the LA112.

Two Way, 12" Line Array Comparison

SAW LA112a JBL VRX932LA Peavey Versarray 112 Mackie HDA (4) QSC KLA12 (4)
Price $985 (1)
$500 (2)
$2199 (3) $1599 (3) $1799 (3) $1759 (3)
Weight (Lbs) 38 46 54 59 55
Power Handling (Continuous) 350w 800w 500w 600w 500
Max SPL (Peak) 124dB 130dB 130dB 130dB (Calculated)
124 dB (Measured)
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m) 98dB 95dB 96dB Not Given Not Given
Frequency Range (±3db) 94 – 20kHz 72 – 20kHz 100 – 24kHz 65 – 18kHz 49 – 18kHz
Coverage Pattern 90 x 15 100 x 15 90 x 15 110 x 20 90 x 18
Dimensions (H x W x D) inches 14.0 x 24.0 x 17.75 13.75 x 23.5 x 15.0 14.06 x 25.25 x 11.75 14.7 x 24.7 x 15.9 15 x 23.4 x 16.6
HF Section 2 x 1.0” exit Compression driver 2” dia VC 2 x 1.0” exit Compression driver 2” dia VC 2 x ribbon drivers 2 x .75 exit” compression drivers 1.75” dia VC 1.75” dia VC
MF/HF Crossover Point 1,600 Hz 1,200 Hz 1,800 Hz 2,000 Hz Not Given
NOTES for Table:
(1) Complete with single 1” compression driver
(2) Approximate cost of the stock parts to build the LA112. Depends on your selection of drivers
(3) Current prices from sites such as Musicians Friend and Sweetwater
(4) Powered Speaker